Saturday, October 8, 2016

My take on this Trump thing

Everyone deriding Trump over this tape from over a decade ago should have the past 15 years of their life analyzed. Every video, all audio, writings and actions to see if they've ever said or done anything inappropriate, publicly OR privately.

If they have, they should be removed from office or fired from their job. Further, it should be presented to any prospective future employer.

If we did that we'd have no politicians or media anymore. Sounds good to me.

Need I bring up the antics of the Kennedy's or Bill Clinton?

Using Hillary's logic, "What difference – at this point, what difference does it make?"

Don't look at this as a defense of Trump. He has done and said some very crude things. I don't like him. I really wish the Republican party had been able to present someone less arrogant. I for one am tired of the same old lawyer politicians, so it's refreshing to have a non-lawyer or career politician running. I would have preferred Alan West or Ben Carson.

But Hilary wants to shred our Constitution, take our guns, bow to foriegn powers, destroy our economy, tax us to death and give our hard-earned money to people who won't work and illegal immigrants. (Government help, whatever form it takes should be for CITIZENS who are either physically or mentally unable to work or TEMPORARILY between jobs) and kill more babies. If you can't see that you have no concept of history or economics and are blind to what Hillary's agenda is.

Neither candidate is their party's best. But one candidate wants to turn this into the next socialist country (which makes no freaking sense at all since it had NEVER worked ANYWHERE). And one wants to make this country great again.

I don't like either candidate. But I'm voting Trump because I like my Constitutional liberties and my guns, I like getting at least 70% of my paycheck, and I like letting babies live.

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WanderingSierraBard said...

I have to agree with you about either having Carson or West rather than Trump.Or even Jeb Bush... I know what Hillary will do and very little of it do I like. Trump says he will do somethings I like but I doubt he can deliver them.

We all know presidents say and do lewd and inappropriate things. Trump's worst enemy is his own big mouth.But I would rather see him in there than Hillary. I also like Gary Johnson quite a bit but find myself disagreeing with parts of his platform- mostly foreign policy.

We don't need to "like" our president but rather select who will do the best job for us... And as always my choice is far from my first, but its the best I got.