Tuesday, September 9, 2014

No Guns? No Problem. No patronage at your store.

Dear Panera Bread, Target, Starbucks, (and any other establishment that I find has this type of policy) you have lost my business. Your anti-gun stance is idiotic.

You have made your stores killing zones for criminals who want to harm people. You have made it safe for them to come to your stores to kill.

Do you really think that your policy or signs will keep criminals with intent to harm and kill out of your stores? Do you think the mass murderer who walks up and see the sign on your door that says "No Guns" is going to get frustrated and take their guns somewhere else to kill? No. They're going to laugh and walk right in and start shooting.

And now you've made it to where law-abiding citizens can't shop/eat at your establishments with the ability to protect themselves and stop the person killing all your customers.

I hope and pray that this never happens at any of your stores (or anywhere else for that matter), but we all know that in reality it is just a matter of time.

I will avoid places like yours that prevent me from protecting myself and my family.

Ron Shaich, this "warm environment" you want to establish at Panera would be maintained if I brought my gun in. Why? Cause it's legally concealed, and the only way any of your precious customers would even know I had it would be if I had to pull it out to stop the criminal that just came in your store and started shooting everyone.

By the way, I love your shortbread pastries. I will miss them.