Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Yet another example of how muslims are trying to take over this country.

This Article tells about how a Tyson plant in Tennessee is accomodating their muslim employees by providing a prayer room and exchanging a U.S. national holiday - Labor Day - for some islamic holiday.

Now, I can understand it to a point. The plant has a LOT of muslims working there, so giving them reasonable accomodations for their religion is not that big of a deal. But trading a long-standing NATIONAL holiday for one of their religious holidays? I'm against it. The very least they should have done is give their employees the choice of one or the other.

My questions is.... Would this company be as accomodating to Christians? Where's the Christian prayer chapel? Can they take time off for Easter if they want? I doubt it. Maybe if they took it out of their personal vacation time.