Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A Critical Time...

I dislike both candidates. I'm not voting for Trump and I'm not voting for Clinton. I'm voting for America. As I posted a week or so ago:

"Ok here's how it is.

Neither Trump nor Clinton are good moral choices. Neither have the character we'd like to see in someone sitting in the Oval Office. If it was up to me, neither would be elected.

But one of them WILL be elected.

So what we have to do is put aside all this bickering about their character, cause NEITHER have character. Look at the issues at stake and choose the one you think will help our country the most.

May God have mercy on us."

The below article came to my attention today and it is an interesting read, whether you're for Trump or Clinton. The author is for Trump's POLICIES.obviously, but he makes some very interesting points:

"Since I find both candidates morally objectionable, I am back to the old-fashioned basis on which I have usually decided how to vote for my entire life: Whose policies are better? Do I agree more with Trump’s policies or with Clinton’s?"

"In a world affected by sin, voting for morally flawed people is unavoidable. Voting for the candidate you think will be best for the country (or do the least harm to the country) is not a morally evil action"

"Policy differences do ultimately determine the future of the nation."

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