Sunday, October 9, 2016

Open letter to the GOP

Y'all are being a bunch of dumb assess.

Especially the Republican "leadership".

Don't you realize that if Republicans don't UNITE, there will be another Clinton in the White House?

If that happens, the United States we know and love will be gone.

She will destroy our economy with huge taxes and massive regulation and expanding Obamacare.

She will endanger our homeland by kowtowing to Islam and enabling their terrorists to have unimpeded entrance to the US with her open border policies. She will be weak with Russia and China.

She will appoint young Supreme Court justices that will be on the bench for decades pushing through socialist decisions and shredding our Constitution and abridging our rights.

You may not like Trump. I know I don't. But if we don't get the Republican party back into the White House, then kids this country goodbye.

Here's how it is.

Neither Trump nor Clinton are good moral choices. Neither have the character we'd like to see in someone sitting in the Oval Office. If it was up to me, neither would be elected.

But one of them WILL be elected.

So what we have to do is put aside all this bickering about their character, cause NEITHER have character.  Look at the issues at stake and choose the one you think will help our country the most.

May God have mercy on us.

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